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Skills and offerings

I am presently a data scientist with a focus on building scalable data pipelines and predictive analytics.

I am happy to collaborate on anything data, scientific and programmatic in nature.

I have worked across business intelligence, data engineering and data science roles.

About me

I am a computational scientist by training but am (evolving into) a data professional. I love numbers and patterns in data.

My passion is to work at the intersection of science and technology with an emphasis on the fundamentals.

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Why does this page exist?

Fantastic question! I am here to break the silos.

The academic techie exists to help you succeed in your science and technology careers. I want to convince you that the fields overlap and that enjoying both is a necessary stride.

I will share my learnings from science to tech, from student to working professional, and from academic to techie. Feel free to reach out and have fun!


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