The Academic Techie

Greetings from Berlin!

If simplicity is what you’re here for, I am here to bring it to you. I strongly believe that science and technology influence everything we do.

My humble attempt through my content here is to share this excitement with you while I continue my transition from being an academic to a techie. We live in a society where the silos separating science and technology need to vanish as the world becomes more data-driven. Coming from a scientific academic background, my career in the data field has taught me how intertwined the various disciplines are.

My promise to you is to give you simple, straightforward and actionable content that will give you a glimpse of data science, science and a mindset that would help you thrive. Keep hustling folks!

My Story

Hello all, I am Promit Ray. Welcome to my website!

I am a firm believer in learning and growing together, joining forces has always worked for us humans. So while this page documents my learning journey in my data (science) and tech career, I am in this with you. So please subscribe, comment and interact. 

For a few words about me, I have a scientific background as an academic: I did a PhD in Computational Chemistry with a strong focus on statistical methods, programming, analysis, and detection of patterns and trends. My determination to have a more pronounced business impact, however, pushed me to explore lateral fields. I entered the data field through a business intelligence position in a digital healthcare firm and then moved on to become a data engineer. I am presently a data scientist at a knowledge sharing and global business intelligence firm in Berlin.

Since getting used to a corporate data science environment feels like the classical ‘old wine in a new bottle’, I am here to share my experiences with you (in bite-sized snippets) to aid you in your learning journey. Please feel free to reach out and follow me socially.

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